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Table 1 Year eight and year nine lesson plans

From: Drug education in victorian schools (DEVS): the study protocol for a harm reduction focused school drug education trial

Lesson Year 8 Year 9
1 WHAT IS A DRUG? - Introduction, agreements, definitions and drug categories PRIORITIES AND CONCERNS - Identifying what young people value and worry about and what worries they have around drugs
2 ALCOHOL AND EFFECTS AND STANDARD DRINKS - How alcohol effects the body, assessing harms associated with use, pouring standard drinks, understanding blood alcohol content and safer levels of use FACING FACTS AND FINDING SOLUTIONS - Alcohol and Cannabis- guidelines on use and the research that informs them
3 PARTY BEHAVIOURS AND ALCOHOL - The relationship between levels of alcohol use and the risk of harm to self and others USING YOUR RESOURCES - Pouring standard drinks, matching harms to levels of alcohol use, identifying strategies to reduce harm
4 PREVALENCE AND NORMS - Dispelling myths about levels of drug use amongst young people, identifying reasons for use/non -use WINDING UP, WINDING DOWN - Learning about the effects/risks of Amphetamine type stimulants, identifying drug-free ways of achieving 'high' and 'serene' states of mind
5 TOBACCO - Considering gender differences in relation to smoking; the impact of media messages DRUGS, DISINHIBITION, SEXUAL VULNERABILITY AND VIOLENCE - Discussing sexual vulnerability in relation to drug use, identifying strategies for avoiding or reducing harm
6 CANNABIS - Information about cannabis and its effects, identifying risks associated with Cannabis use INVISIBLE RISKS - Information about injecting drug use, blood-borne viruses and methods of protection
7 RISK REDUCTION - Assessing risk and developing strategies to avoid or minimise harm PERSONAL CONFIDENCE - AND DRUG USE - Developing and rehearsing positive self talk, refusal skills and tactics for peer negotiation
8 INFLUENCES - Identifying social and media influences to use alcohol GETTING HELP AND TALKING WITH ADULTS - Information about heroin, rehearsing steps for practical first aid in situations involving overdose, rehearsing help seeking with adults
9 OPTIONS AND DECISIONS - Generating and rehearsing strategies to reduce harms associated with drug use  
10 STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF - Providing peer support, using assertion skills in situations involving alcohol