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Archived Comments for: Addressing inequity to achieve the maternal and child health millennium development goals: looking beyond averages

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  1. Inequality plus raising the standard of living?

    Matt Owens, University of Cambridge

    10 March 2013

    This is a thoughtful article with an interesting methodology. To me it underscores the progress that can be made on MDG5 through the reduction of inequality but also via general increases in the wealth of all nations. So for example, in the Chilean case maternal education served as a proxy for higher standard of living and access to proper medical care and acted to moderate the MMR. In addition, factors such as clean water and sanitary sewerage were also related to a reduction in MMR. Chile has recently joined the club of wealthier nations (OECD)which is a reflection of their economic growth (they are also a very unequal society however). This seems to me much more important than abortion rates which explain a small amount of variance in MMR but get a lot of coverage.

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