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Archived Comments for: Breastfeeding and the risk for diarrhea morbidity and mortality

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  1. misleading title

    G Becker, BEST Services

    12 May 2011

    Surely your excellent article is about Not breastfeeding and the risk? The title Breastfeeding and risk, links the benefical behaviour with a negative outcome. See McNiel, M. E., Labbok, M. H. and Abrahams, S. W. (2010), What are the Risks Associated with Formula Feeding? A Re-Analysis and Review. Birth, 37: 50–58. and Smith J, Dunstone M, and Elliott-Rudder M. Health Professional Knowledge of Breastfeeding: Are the Health Risks of Infant Formula Feeding Accurately Conveyed by the Titles and Abstracts of Journal Articles? J Hum Lact, August 2009; vol. 25, 3: pp. 350-358, for more on the topic of titles.

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