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Table 3 Program objectives, learning objectives and change objectives

From: Intervention mapping for the development of a strategy to implement the insurance medicine guidelines for depression

Program objectives for insurance physician Learning objectives for insurance physician (IP)'s personal determinants Change objectives for environmental determinants
  Knowledge and skills Attitude Self-efficacy Expectations Availability and uniformity Support
IP makes thorough investigation and records findings transparently in the report. IP has sufficient knowledge and skills to understand the guidelines and to implement it in practice. IP accepts the guideline as a practical resource and a useful source of information. IP considers him/herself capable of applying the guidelines in practice. IP believes that use of the guidelines can make his/her examinations more thorough and transparent. IP is trained to use the guideline and has the opportunity to practise using it during the training and subsequently in practice. IP's quality-oriented activities are supported by National Institute for Employee Benefits Schemes by putting the emphasis on quality instead of productivity.
Access to evidence-based medical info via Internet and/or library.
To do so, IP uses the guidelines in order to ensure quality and uniformity of the assessment. IP has the skills to perform the examination in line with applicable requirements. IP supports the profession's general objective of fair assessment based on thoroughness, quality and uniformity. IP consider him/herself capable of investigating issues associated with the assessment and obtaining guidance from the guideline, literature or colleagues IP believes that the quality and uniformity of his/her work ability assessments will be enhanced by the information in the guidelines. Case histories are discussed amongst colleagues by reference to the guideline, enabling IP's to ask questions and learn from one another. Staff of the Institute support IP in use of the guidelines and related activities.
Staff physician encourages use of the guidelines, by testing the IP's reports on guideline adherence.
IP uses evidence-based information to support work ability assessment IP has sufficient evidence-based knowledge to recognize and address any lack of skills. IP sees the guideline as a means to realizing the objective.   IP believes that the information in the guidelines will help him/her make more evidence-based work ability assessments. Staff physicians provide all IP's with performance feedback and work with IP's to define individual learning programmes so that all attain a similar level. Netherlands Association of Insurance Medicine supports IP's quality-oriented activities and encourages use of the guidelines.
  1. IP = insurance physician