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Table 1 HDHK program resources

From: The 'Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids' community effectiveness trial: study protocol of a community-based healthy lifestyle program for fathers and their children

Resource Brief description Included information
Facilitator manual Comprehensive train-the-trainer manual detailing all information required for the delivery of the program * Introduction
* Successful facilitating
* Background to the research
* Session guides
Manual for Dads Handbook for fathers that includes a summary of the information from the face-to-face sessions and additional background information * Session 1: Weight loss fundamentals for men
* Session 2: Raising children in an inactive world
* Session 3: Ready to rumble with dad
* Session 4: Healthy eating for families - dads matter
* Session 5: Fun, fitness and fundamental movement skills
* Session 6: Sustaining healthy lifestyles
* Session 7: Weight loss is a journey not a destination
Dad's log book Handbook that dads use as a working document * Program activities: Energy calculations; sedentary behaviors; goal setting; eating habits
* Homework activities: Children's screen time; family fitness activity; family cooking; children's food intake; cue words; family activity
* Monitoring procedures: Pedometer chart; weight loss chart; goal recording
Website user guide Handbook to guide fathers through the setup and use of the dietary and physical activity monitoring website * Setting up a profile
* Food and exercise diary
* Check in diary
* Charts and reports
Kid's Handbook Includes tasks for children to complete each week with their dads that must be signed off with their dads (space to receive a sticker from facilitators if completed) * Kids homework activities
* Recipes to cook with dad
Green slips Homework activity slips given to fathers at the end of each session * Activities are designed to align with the principles presented at the intervention session and any activities detailed in the Dad's log book and Kid's handbook (e.g. cooking meals with kids, family fundamental movement skills circuit, rough and tumble games with dad)