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Table 3 Effectiveness of PSI's transgender-specific interventions on behavior and correlates among kathoy aged 15-35 in Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Savannakhet, Laos (November 2004 and June 2006)

From: Increasing safer sexual behavior among Lao kathoy through an integrated social marketing approach

Indicators Exposure to PSI's transgender interventionsa
  Ref. (n= 288) 41.0% None (n= 58) 8.3% Low (n= 159) 22.6% High (n= 198) 28.2% Sigb
Behavior/Usec % % % %  
Used condom with casual partners at last anal sex 57.5a 77.9bd 68.0b 80.3cd <.001
Used condom with boyfriends at last anal sex 23.5a 83.7b 70.2b 79.8b <.001
Ever used water-based lubricant for anal sex 54.6a 64.6a, b 76.0b 86.4b <.001
Availability % % % %  
Condoms available any of the places where spend time during the day 55.0a 83.2b 81.2b 87.5b <.001
Number One Deluxe Plus is available in any of the places where meet sex partners 5.7a 55.4b 23.6c 25.4c <.001
Number One Deluxe Plus is available in any of the places where spend time during the day 8.3a 44.4b 17.5a, b 22.9b .008
Knowledge % % % %  
Knows that oil-based lubricants increase condom breakage 33.6a 1.6b 9.3b 11.0b <.001
Knows that having an STI can increase the likelihood of contracting HIV 87.9a 66.9b 75.0b 77.8b <.001
Knows that a healthy-looking person can still be infected with HIV 90.5a 43.5b 46.3b 53.8b <.001
Knows that consistent and correct condom use with regular partner can prevent STI 89.3a 96.2a,b 97.6b 97.4b .005
Attitudes % % % %  
Believes it is very important to use condom with regular partners to prevent HIV 58.8a 94.7b 87.9b 93.9b <.001
Intention % % % %  
Much more likely to use condoms with casual partners if lubricant available 71.4a 46.5b 56.3b 58.3b .001
  1. aThe "baseline" category contains respondents who were surveyed in 2004. The "none" exposure category contains respondents who had never heard of PSI's transgender-specific activities. The "low" exposure category contains respondents who had ever heard of PSI transgender-specific activities, read the PSI transgender-specific brochure, or heard of the Peuan Mai transgender drop-in center. "High" exposure contains respondents who had ever been contacted by a PSI transgender peer educator, attended a PSI group discussion, or attended a PSI camping/training session
  2. bThe significance in the last column represents whether there was a significant effect of exposure overall
  3. Proportions with the same letter in their superscripts do not differ significantly from one another according to the least significance difference (LSD) test
  4. cPercentages are adjusted for province, age, education, occupation, average monthly income, and living situation