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Table 6 40 Sub-Saharan countries listed in descending order of Nutritional Transition Scores and the indicators that contribute to them

From: Diet and mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa: Stages in the nutrition transition

Country PPP Energy % Energy from fat Over weight/obesity IMR Stunting Score
  Low High High Low High Low High Low Low High Low High  
Angola     X    n/a n/a   X   X 0
Burundi   X   X   X n/a n/a   X   X 0
Chad     X     X   X    0
Comoros     X         X 0
Congo Brazzaville        n/a n/a      0
Dem. Republic of Congo     X   X   X   X    0
Ethiopia     X   X   X     X 0
Madagascar   X     X   X     X 0
Malawi   X     X       X 0
Mozambique   X      n/a n/a     X 0
Niger   X           X 0
Rwanda   X     X   X     X 0
Tanzania   X   X   X        0
Uganda              0
Zambia     X          0
Benin              1
Burkina Faso         X      1
Central African Republic     X   n/a n/a   X    1
Cote d'Ivoire       n/a n/a      1
Eritrea n/a n/a   X   X   X     1
Guinea-Bissau        n/a n/a   X   1
Kenya             1
Liberia   X         X    1
Mali           X    1
Nigeria           X    1
Togo         X      1
Cameroon             2
Guinea   X           2
Lesotho       X       2
Namibia n/a n/a            2
Sierra Leone           X    2
Zimbabwe n/a n/a            2
Gambia       n/a n/a      3
Sao Tome and Principe n/a n/a           3
Swaziland              3
Senegal       n/a n/a     4
Cape Verde       n/a n/a     5
Gabon             5
Ghana      X       5
South Africa             6
  1. High refers to countries whose levels were in the top quartile
  2. Low refers to countries whose levels were in the bottom quartile
  3. n/a refers to countries with no available data
  4. refers to levels included in the score
  5. X refers to levels opposite to those included in the score