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Table 1 Results of methodological assessment of studies included in the review

From: Awareness and knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among school-going adolescents in Europe: a systematic review of published literature

  Number of studies in each assessment category*
Criteria Y S N NC NR PR NA NP P
Did the study address a clearly focused issue? 15         
Was/were the study outcome(s) to be measured clearly described? 15         
Were the questions posed to assess outcome(s) clearly defined? 14   1       
Was the study samle clearly defined? 13         2
Were participating schools recruited in an acceptable way? 4 1   1    1 8  
Were the pupils recruited in an acceptable way? 1 11    4      
Were characteristics of subjects at enrolment reported? 12   1       2
Is it clear how data were collected? 15         
Did the authors mention that the instrument used for data collection was pre-tested or validated? 8   6       1
Were the questions posed appropriate to address given outcomes? 10    1     4  
Was participation rate reported? 9    2 4     
Was participation rate sufficiently high? 7 1 1      6  
Was the data analysis sufficiently rigorous? 15         
Were other factors accounted for that could affect outcomes?2 15         
Were results appropriately reported? 3 11 1        3
Is there a clear statement of findings? 15         
  1. *Y = Yes, S = Substandard, N = No, NC = Not Clear, NR = Not Reported, PR = Partially Reported, NA = Not Applicable, NP = Not Possible to Assess, P = Partly
  2. 1 did all pupils at the school(s), respectively in the grade concerned, have the same chance to participate?
  3. 2 for example, sex, age, grade, school type, social class
  4. 3 were numbers of outcome events reported on?