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Table 1 Included conditions categorized on the basis of the extent to which they can be considered as life-threatening (ratings by physicians)

From: Stability and change in health behaviours as predictors for disability pension: a prospective cohort study of Swedish twins

Very Life-Threatening Condition Somewhat Life-Threatening Condition Not at all Life-Threatening Condition
Cardiac insufficiency High blood pressure Migraine
Angina pectoris Vascular spasm in legs Dizziness
Heart attack Emphysema Glaucoma
Thrombosis in leg Chronic bronchitis Cataract
Stroke Tuberculosis Other eye disorders
Multiple sclerosis Allergies and Asthma Knee disorders
Cancer Epilepsy Hip disorders
  Parkinson's disease Psoriasis
  Mental conditions Goiter/other gland disorders
  Polio Stomach/intestinal disorders
  Rheumatoid arthritis Gall disorders
  Osteoporosis Gout
  Disabled (physically) Urinary tract disorder
  Diabetes Neck and shoulder disorders
  Ulcer Eczema
  Liver disorders Sciatica
  Kidney disease Back disorders
  Prostate disorders Scoliosis
  Uterus or ovary operation  
  SLE (Lupus)  
  Hay fever  
  Cardiac arrhythmia  
  Cardiac murmur  
  1. Modified from Svedberg et al. 2006. [22]