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Table 1 The Québec Classification of Whiplash-associated Disorder [2].

From: Protocol for an economic evaluation alongside the University Health Network Whiplash Intervention Trial: cost-effectiveness of education and activation, a rehabilitation program, and the legislated standard of care for acute whiplash injury in Ontario

Grade Clinical Presentation
0 No neck symptoms, no physical sign(s)
I Neck pain, stiffness or tenderness only, no physical sign(s)
II Neck symptoms and musculoskeletal sign(s)*
III Neck symptoms and neurologic sign(s)†
IV Neck symptoms and fracture or dislocation
  1. *Musculoskeletal signs include decreased range of motion and point tenderness.
  2. †Neurologic signs include decreased or absence of deep tendon reflexes, weakness, and sensory deficits.
  3. Symptoms and disorders that can be manifested in all grades include deafness, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, memory loss, dysphagia, and temporomandibular pain.