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Table 1 Women Weigh-In for Wellness Intervention Fidelity Plan.

From: Web-based interventions for weight loss and weight maintenance among rural midlife and older women: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Study Component Fidelity Plan
Design 1. Ensure same intervention dose within conditions
  • Fixed content in internet web-messaging
  • Feedback about weight logs and eating activity goals provided at fixed intervals
  • Professional weight loss counseling provided using fixed length, frequency and number of contact sessions
  • Peer support group provided using fixed frequency and fixed content of discussion topics posted
  • Any deviations from protocol recorded
  2. Ensure equivalent dose across conditions
  • Web-messaging content identical across intervention groups
  • Frequency of additional contact for women in professional counseling email group and peer-led discussion group is similar
  3. Plan for implementation setbacks
  • Train back-up providers for professional weight loss counselor and peer support leader positions
Training 1. Training of all personnel by investigators initially and at specified intervals
  2. Guidelines for content of email messages and discussion board postings established
Intervention Delivery 1. Investigator-prepared guide for content/concepts in newsletters and hot topics
  2. Investigator oversight of newsletters and hot topics before website posting
  3. For professional weight loss counseling via email
  • Emails copied to and monitored by investigators
  • Email messages sent and received printed and filed weekly
  4. For peer-led online support group
  • List of topics prepared have oversight by investigators prior to testing
  • Project coordinator and/or investigators monitors discussion board weekly
  • Record of discussions printed and filed weekly
Intervention Receipt 1. Monitoring of all participants
  • Goal-setting forms
  • Weight logs
  • Weekly hits by each participant
  2. Monitoring of participants in peer-led online support group
  • Log-in
  • Postings
  3. Monitoring of professional weight loss counseling via email
  • Return receipt used to monitor opening of email messages
  • Replies from participants printed and filed
Enactment 1. Monitoring of behavioral skills and cognitive strategies of participants
  • Attainment of goals
  • Assessments of weight, and eating and activity behavioral and biomarkers
  • Assessments of cognitive-perceptual influences at 6,18, and 30 months