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Table 1 Primary and secondary outcome measures and co-variates in the study

From: Evaluation of an early detection tool for social-emotional and behavioral problems in toddlers: The Brief Infant Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment - A cluster randomized trial

outcome measure
outcome measure
-CBCL1,5-5b, f -ITQOLf -Date of birthb (parents & child)
(Total Problem score) (General Health Perceptions subscale) - Sexb (child)
  (Growth and Development subscale) -Ethnicityb (parents & child)
   -Immigration characteristicsb (parents)
   -Cultural identityb (parents)
   -Social economical statusb (parents)
   -Day-care attendanceb (child)
   -Household compositionb, f
   -Major life eventsb, f (parents & child)
   -Presence of (mental) healthproblems and treatment for those problems (child)b, f
   -Perceived health of the child rated by parentsf
  1. b = measured at baseline (child's age 24 months),
  2. f = measured at 1 year follow-up (child's age 36 months)