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Table 1 POCT Site Characteristics

From: Feasibility and acceptability of point of care HIV testing in community outreach and GUM drop-in services in the North West of England: A programmatic evaluation

  Liverpool Centre for Sexual Health Community-based sites
Locations Hospital GUM clinic Community sites
Model adopted for POCT Opportunistic screening Outreach case finding
  Dependent on client self-presentation to service Dependent on service providers promoting uptake of POCT
Groups targeted Patients for STI services Drug users
  Sexual assault patients Asylum-seekers
   Homeless people
   UK Africans
Key successes highlighted by service providers Rapid availability of results for traumatised clients Outreach to encourage uptake amongst marginalised and at risk groups
  Universal screening Giving positive and negative POCT results to clients
  Integration within nurse and healthcare assistant departmental working patterns Opportunities for incorporating prevention messages
Key challenges highlighted by service providers Time demands of POCT Onward client referral systems
  Emotional impact of performing large number of HIV tests Laboratory quality assurance systems
  Need to take further venous blood samples (e.g. for syphilis screening)