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Table 5 Estimates of charging: medical cost for TB care by income category (RMB)

From: Patient medical costs for tuberculosis treatment and impact on adherence in China: a systematic review

Study Cost variable County Income category a Average cost, % annual household income
    Low Middle High  
Meng 200410 Total medical cost Middle 2099 2826 3105 75%
   Middle 2104 1449 1680 27%
   Poor 4015 2011 3238 119%
   Poor 1843 2054 2894 57%
Zhang 200712 Annual household medical cost in household with TB patient Whole rural China 1241 (42%)b 2061 (28%)b 2090 (19%)b NA
Liu 20108 Monthly medical cost Mixed 264 (185%)c 280 (22%)c 332 (8%)c 18%c
  1. NA: not available
  2. a In Meng's study, Income category was classified by per capita income per year (Low≤500; Middle 500-1000; High > 1000)
  3. In Zhang's study, each income category contained a third of the total number of households;
  4. In Liu's study, income category was classified by family monthly income (Low < 310; Middle 310-2600; High > 2600);
  5. b Average annual household medical cost in household with TB patient as a percentage of annual household income in each income group;
  6. c Average monthly medical cost as a percentage of family monthly income in each income group and at an average level.