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Table 1 Capacity building objective: summary of activities

From: Process evaluation of a community-based adolescent obesity prevention project in Tonga

Category Description Objective number (#) Comments
Additional resources   
Funding 13 × Grants from local and international donors M TOP $42,577 secured to support physical activity, vegetable gardening, training, and healthy eating activities
Students 2 × students selected for Tonga Football National Team 8 Tonga Football Association made selections after the MYP soccer competition
  2 × students attended one week WHO Ministers meeting, Auckland, New Zealand 1 Accompanied by Project Coordinator
  12 × students ambassador promoting MYP objectives   One school adopted ambassador program
  3 students attended 3 day Youth Summit   Accompanied by one research assistant. Organised by Tonga National Youth Congress
Community 16 people attended 4 day Championship Training 1 Program to train and empower community to sustain MYP intervention activities
  2 × villages developed a Community Governance Structure 1 Part of Community leadership program initiated by MYP
Staff 8 staff presentations at 6 different international conferences 1 3 staff involved
  1 staff attended 3 day Youth Stakeholders Forum 1 Training program on Youth Leadership
Workforce Development   
Community 12 people attended 4 community training sessions on organic vegetable gardening 1, 6 12 hours training. 2 staff also attended
  12 people attended 2 days training on drip irrigation 1 4 hours training
  76 community members attended Community Empowerment and Leadership Training × 5 days 1 4 hours × 5 days Training on Empowerment and Leadership skills × 4 villages
  12 people attended 2 hour report writing and documentation training for vegetable growing participants 1 Conducted in 3 villages
  9 young farmers attended micro-business planning workshop 1 Organized and co-hosted by MYP for young people interested in farming
Staff 2 staff attended Social Marketing Training M, 2 1 attended 4 day workshop organised locally, the other attended a regional workshop, 2 attended 2 hour training provided locally
  2 staff enrolled in Graduate Certificate courses at Fiji School of Medicine 1,7 Epidemiology and Public Health courses
  3 staff attended 3 day Youth Task Force Workshop 1 Organized by Ministry of Training Youth and Sports
  2 staff attended 1 day Health Promoting School retreat and 3 attended 3 day Health Promoting School workshop 1 Conducted by Health Promotion Unit
  2 staff attended 32 hour basic aerobic instructor training M Conducted by Ministry of Health over 8 weeks
  2 staff attended 5 day EpiInfo training 1 Course delivered by New Zealand project partners
  2 staff attended one day non-government organisation leadership retreat 1 Organised by Tonga Civil Society Forum
  1 staff attended 4 day proposal and report writing workshop 1,4 Organized by Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sport
  1 staff attended one day Health Promotion Foundation Workshop on governance and business plan development 1 Project coordinator attended
  1 staff attended 2 day National Youth Strategy Workshop M Organised by the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sport
  1 staff enrolled in Not for Profit Management course 1 Organised by Tonga Civil Society funded by New Zealand Aid
Partnerships and collaborations   
Government Ongoing development of partnerships and network with 5 Government Ministries from project outset M Meetings and workshop held with Ministries of Health; Finance and Planning; Education; Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Fisheries; Training, Employment, Youth and Sport
Non -government organizations Collaboration and networking on physical activity and healthy eating M Support in terms of funding and assistance was provided by the following: churches, schools, Youth Group, Women's Group, Farmers, Cocker Enterprise, Westpac Bank of Tonga, anonymouscdonors, Tonga Health Association, Tonga Civil Society, Tonga Trust, Tonga National Youth Congress, Development of Sustainable Agriculture in the Pacific, Tonga Communication Corporation, NZAID, AustAID, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Food and Agriculture Organization
Organisational development Public launch of MYP baseline results M Key stakeholders, school, communities, Government and Non government organisation attended.
  2 project presentations delivered locally by staff 1 One was on baseline result to community members; the other was to raise project awareness to all local health organisations
  1. M- multiple objectives, 1- Building capacity, 2 - Social Marketing, 3 - Evaluation, 4 - Breakfast, 5 - School Lunch, 6 - Vegetables & Fruit, 7 - Physical Activity, 8 - Organized sports, 9 - Sweet Drinks vs. Water, 10 - Champions