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Table 1 The Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS)34

From: Early childhood feeding practices and dental caries in preschool children: a multi-centre birth cohort study

Problems with the teeth, mouth or jaws and their treatment can affect the well-being and everyday lives of children and their families. For each of the following questions please circle the number next to the response that best describes your child's experiences or your own. Consider the child's entire life from birth until now when answering each question. If a question does not apply, check 'Never'

Response options: 1. Never, 2. Hardly ever, 3. Occasionally, 4. Often, 5. Very often and 6. Don't know.

Child Impacts

How often has your child had pain in the teeth, mouth or jaws?

How often has your child ....because of dental problems or dental treatments?

   had difficulty drinking hot or cold beverages

   had difficulty eating some foods

   had difficulty pronouncing any words

   missed preschool, daycare or school

   had trouble sleeping

   been irritable or frustrated

   avoided smiling or laughing

   avoided talking

Family Impacts

How often have you or another family member member......because of your child's dental problems or treatments?

   been upset

   felt guilty

   taken time off from work

How often has your child had dental problems or dental treatments that had a finacial impact on your family?