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Archived Comments for: Health problems among detainees in Switzerland: a study using the ICPC-2 classification

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  1. Corrections of errors in table 2

    Hans Wolff, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland

    31 May 2011

    In table 2 (column 3 "Females") some errors occurred because of false copy-editing:
    in category "A" the %(95%CI) are false. Correct %(95%CI) among women are:
    - A. Symptoms without precise diagnosis: n=46, 42.6(33.3-51.9)
    - Insomnia, sleep disturbance: n=16; 14.8(8.1-21.5)
    - Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, anger: n=21; 19.4(12.0-26.9)

    In category "B. Other prison relevant infections" among women, correct %(95%CI) are:
    - Hepatitis B (chronic active): 0 (delete 7.4(2.5-12.3)),
    - HIV, AIDS: n=3, 2.8(0-5.9)
    - TBC (active): 0

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