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Table 2 The themes used to group children's perceptions and experiences of their own and others' body sizes

From: The views of young children in the UK about obesity, body size, shape and weight: a systematic review

Major themes Sub-themes
Body size matters Body size might not always seem relevant
  Being overweight is seen as a social problem
  Body sizes are judged
  Discrimination is normal
  Children are aware that body size is a public issue
Desirable and acceptable bodies Desirable bodies are not overweight
  A large body size means you are...
  Children apportion blame and responsibility for fat
Embodied experiences Children actively assess their own size
  Discomfort and feelings of pressure accompany a focus on body size
  Children express dissatisfaction with their bodies
  The consequences of body size are experienced as social in nature
  Very overweight children are made to feel 'different and terrible'
Gender Satisfaction with body size differs between the sexes
  Body size stereotypes vary with gender