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Table 1 Statements concerning the seriousness of H1N1

From: Communicating uncertainty - how Australian television reported H1N1 risk in 2009: a content analysis

Statements N (%)
Infection and mortality rates 836 42.7
Outbreaks, pandemics, the quick spread of the virus or an inability to contain it 221 11.3
Statements meant to calm any panic and reassure the viewer 151 7.7
Statements concerning particular risk groups (e.g. pregnant women, people with underlying health conditions etc.) 145 7.4
Comparisons with other viruses (e.g. SARS, seasonal flu, 1918 pandemic) 135 6.8
Containment measures (e.g. border control, quarantine, school closures, sporting cancellations) 101 5.1
Government Pandemic Preparedness Plan 86 4.4
Changes to WHO or Australian government alert levels 76 3.9
Vulnerability to H1N1 (e.g. lack of immunity, called 'potentially deadly virus', everybody at risk) 64 3.3
Vaccine (e.g. need for a vaccine, testing and rollout of vaccine) 61 3.1
Testing and diagnosis of H1N1 strain 58 3.0
Other 24 1.2
TOTAL 1,958 100.0