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Table 1 Measures to Ensure Data Trustworthiness

From: The influence of parents and the home environment on preschoolers' physical activity behaviours: A qualitative investigation of childcare providers' perspectives

Credibility Member checking was conducted between each focus group question and at the end of each focus group to make certain that the researchers accurately understood the answers provided by participants.
Confirmability Two researchers separately and concurrently performed inductive content analysis, and later met to compare their findings. We scrutinized data for similarities and differences across the interviews, and acknowledged emerging themes. The researchers discussed and prepared a summary of the analysis.
Dependability Upon the completion of each focus group, two researchers met to debrief and summarize. Also, the researchers expressed any biases, which were then recorded and considered to ensure that the analyses were not partial to researcher bias. We documented focus group respondents' demographic information, and focus group location and participation rate for the purpose of an audit trail.
Transferability We have explained the research process in detail, thus allowing interested researchers the ability to establish whether our results are transferable to their study and participants.
  1. adapted from Irwin et al. 2005[23]; Tucker, Gilliland and Irwin 2007[27])