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Table 1 Best Practice Principles for Community-based Obesity Prevention

From: The development of a network for community-based obesity prevention: the CO-OPS Collaboration

Community engagement Evaluation
C1. Approach to community engagement E1. Evaluation framework and approach
C2. Community analysis E2. Evaluation plan
C3. Implementation partnerships E3. Data collection and management
C4. Program sustainability and community capacity E4. Evaluation context
  E5. Active dissemination
Program design and planning Implementation and sustainability
P1. Problem analysis and program focus I1. Consumer testing of messages, resources and approaches
P2. Framing of the problem I2. Quality implementation and monitoring
P3. Planning context I3. Adaptations and responsiveness
P4. Evidence and innovation  
P5. Theory of change/change process  
P6. Feasibility Governance and accountability
P7. Program plan G1. Explicit funding sources
P8. Target groups G2. Program management structure