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Table 5 Frequencies and percentages of quality practices in the criterion Partnerships and Resources

From: Evaluation of physical activity programmes for elderly people - a descriptive study using the EFQM' criteria

4. Partnerships and resources n %
4a. External partnerships are managed   
   Cooperation with partners provides the organization with high quality of resources 8 30,77
   Formal communication procedures are established with partners 5 19,23
   Relationships with academic partners allow the organization to have access to scientific information 3 11,54
   Relationships with health partners allow the organization to have access to health information 13 50,00
   The organization has capacity for external cooperation 19 73,08
4b. Finances are managed 14 53,85
4c. Buildings, equipment and materials have a maintenance plan 9 34,62
4d. Technology is managed   
   Technological innovations are implemented 18 69,23
4e. Information and knowledge are managed   
   Systematic records are made 23 88,46
   The latest scientific knowledge is pursued 7 26,92