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Table 1 Results: Content areas, subcategories, categories and theme

From: Sickness absence in musculoskeletal disorders - patients' experiences of interactions with the Social Insurance Agency and health care. A qualitative study

Content area Subcategories Categories Theme
1. Interaction with the social insurance agency ➢Getting in touch
➢The personal meeting
➢Respectful treatment
➢Communication through others
Tangled communication  
  ➢Being questioned
➢Loss of human value
➢Being pending
➢Feeling restricted
➢Vague or incorrect information
Uncertain subsistence  
2. Interaction with the health care system ➢Waiting times
➢Symptom relief
The importance of being part
of an ongoing process
Coherent or
  ➢The personal relationship
➢Respectful treatment
➢Being understood
The importance of being recognized
as a person
3. Recovery and return to work ➢Trying one's ability
➢Adjusting work demands
➢Being well received
The possibilities to create
conditions for work
  ➢Adjusting the daily routines
➢Personal preconditions
➢Fear of losing societal belonging
The possibilities to create premises
for a good life
  ➢The link between body and soul
➢Losing self-esteem
The link between physical
and mental health
  ➢Need for professional support
➢Being informed
A wish for guidance