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Table 4 Themes Related to Contextual Influences on Coalition Membership

From: How does community context influence coalitions in the formation stage? a multiple case study based on the Community Coalition Action Theory

Coalition Factor and Related Themes History of Collaboration Community Politics and History Community Norms and Values Community Demographics and Economic Conditions Geography
Coalition Membership      
The core group for a new coalition-based project is shaped by past and current network linkages in the community. X     
Composition of the core group can be influential in shaping coalition membership through members' connections and reputation in the community. X     
Divisions based on community politics and history can limit who joins community coalitions.   X    
Tragic events can motivate participation in coalitions and collaborative efforts.   X    
Shared values motivate organizations and individuals to join a coalition.    X   
Values of independence, rugged individualism and privacy can limit community members' willingness to join a coalition.    X   
Economic conditions that necessitate multiple jobs for certain population groups within the community limit participation from those groups.     X  
Coalitions serving diverse communities with multiple cultures, languages and SES levels can struggle to achieve broad representation.     X  
Recruitment from diverse community sectors may not be possible in rural communities in which certain sectors do not exist.      X
Geographic areas with limited opportunities for youth may experience fewer barriers to engaging youth in governance groups.      X
Geographic barriers can limit coalition membership.      X