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Table 2 Overview of participants

From: Doing masculinity, not doing health? a qualitative study among dutch male employees about health beliefs and workplace physical activity

Names Age Civil status Children Work-place physical activity Sector Job Sexual orientation
Jerry 31 Coha-biting 0 Yes Mental health Clerk Unknown
Ben 54 Married 2 No Mental health Technical service Unknown
Woud 28 Single 0 No Advertisement Agent Unknown
Jan 53 Married 3 Yes Mental health Therapist Heterosexual
Maarten 39 Coha-biting 0 Yes Mental health Clerk Heterosexual
Tom 47 Divorced 2 No Transport Truck driver Heterosexual
Roan 42 Married 2 No Posting Commercial employee Unknown
Edwin 34 Coha-biting 0 Yes Mail order business Social worker Heterosexual
Berend 40 Married 2 No Media Manager Heterosexual
Martijn 23 Single 0 No Transport Courier Heterosexual
Raymond 29 Single 0 No Transport Truck driver Heterosexual
Rob 35 Coha-biting 0 Yes Advertisement Office assistent Heterosexual
Bart 56 Married 2 Yes Oil industry Team leader Heterosexual