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Table 3 Employment status at follow-up in association with health status at follow-up (n = 3755).

From: The limitations of employment as a tool for social inclusion

Employment continuum at T2 Depression OR (95% CI) Anxiety OR (95% CI) Poor physical health OR (95% CI)
Employed 1.00 1.00 1.00
Unemployed 2.33 (1.35-4.03)* 1.41 (.80-2.47) 2.33 (1.38-3.94)*
  1. Notes. Calculated using Logistic Regression. Imputed data used for calculations. * Significance <.05, ** Significance <.001. The model shown was adjusted for baseline employment and health status, age group, gender, education, marital status, financial problems, negative affectivity (behavioural inhibition), serious injury/illness/assault, death of a close family relative and relationship problems.