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Table 9 Quality of NIDs service delivery in static centers and mobile teams (n = 20)

From: Are we doing enough? Evaluation of the Polio Eradication Initiative in a district of Pakistan's Punjab province: a LQAS study

Characteristics n Weighted %
Static centers   
Availability of relevant staff 16 90
Proper marking of immunization site 15 85
Conduction of immunization session in shade, orderly (clear flow of clients) and without overcrowding (<20 under-five children waiting) 20 95
Correct filling of field attendance, vaccine distribution and tally sheets 17 95
Unopened OPV kept at adequate temperature (0-8°C) 20 95
Availability of enough frozen ice packs/ice for current session 17 95
Adequate knowledge of health workers regarding VVMs and unused OPV 18 95
Inquiry about vaccination status of all children<2 years from child's caretaker 15 85
Inquiry about acute flaccid paralysis in children<15 years from child's caretaker 6 45
Reminding child's caretaker for next round of NIDs 0 0
Adequate knowledge of child's caretaker about end results of polio and purpose of NIDs 5 40
Mobile teams   
Correct storage of OPV (keeping vials dry and cold chain maintained as indicated by VVMs) 18 95
Correct administration of OPV (2 drops/child) 18 95
Covering of missed children on same day 19 95
Presence of at least one female member 16 90
Checking by supervisory staff 13 75