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Table 1 Questions, answers, and derived variables

From: Lifestyle and perceived health in subjects with chronic bronchitis or emphysema: a cross-sectional study

Question Answers Derived variables
Has a doctor ever diagnosed you to have chronic bronchitis or emphysema Yes Having chronic bronchitis/emphysema
  No Not having chronic bronchitis/emphysema
How often, during the past week, have you eaten: Not once Less than every day
Fruits 1-2 times  
  3-5 times  
  6-7 times Every day
How often, during the past week, have you eaten: Vegetables Not once Less than every day
  1-2 times  
  3-5 times  
  6-7 times Every day
Have you ever smoked in your life? Yes Those who never smoked- non smokers
Have you smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your life? Yes  
  No Those who used to smoke but do not smoke now - ex smokers
Do you smoke now? Yes, every day Those who smoke occasionally or every day - smokers
  Yes, from time to time  
Which of the following statements refer to you? Never consumed before. Not heavy (not at risk)
  Tried drinking once or twice  
  Used to but not any more  
  I drink occasionally.  
  I drink every day Heavy (at risk)
How often does it happen that you drink 6 or more alcoholic drinks on a single occasion? Never Not at risk
  Less than once a month  
  Once a month At risk
  Once a week  
  Once a day or almost every day  
If we look back on the past year, what would you say best describes your spare time activities? Hard training and competitive sports Active
  Recreational sports or heavy gardening  
  Walking, bicycling or other light activities at least 4 hours a week  
  Reading, watching TV or other sedentary activity Not active
How would you rate your health in general? Very bad Very bad/bad
  Fair Fair
  Good Very good/Good
  Very good