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Table 1 Details of included studies

From: The incidence of all stroke and stroke subtype in the United Kingdom, 1985 to 2008: a systematic review

Setting Population source Study years Number of strokes Population Study
ICD code Reference
East Lancashire 93 GP practices 1994-1995 642 405,272 Prospective; GP contacts, Hospital registers, death certificates, rehabilitation
ICD 9 430-438 Du et al 1997
Oxfordshire 63 Family Physician Registries 2002-2005 439 91,106 Prospective;, GP visits, monthly practice listings, monthly referral listings, death certificates; imaging or autopsy ICD-10 I60-69 Rothwell 2005
South London Lewisham, Southwark & Lambeth 1995-2004 2,874 271,817 Prospective; multiple overlapping sources of information, death certificates; CT scan/MRI, necropsy, cerebrospinal fluid analysis ICD-9 430-434 & 436
ICD-10 I60-69
Heuschmann et al 2008
Scottish Borders Region 39 GP practices 1998-2000 596 106,352 Prospective; Multiple notification sources - GPs, nursing staff, neurovascular clinic staff, neighbouring hospitals, social services, "Chest, Heart and Stroke, Scotland"; hot pursuit by research nurses; death certificates' CT scans ICD 9 430-438
ICD 10 160-169
Syme et al 2005
Devon & Cornwall Referrals to Neurosurgery department 1992-1996 800 1,504,847 Retrospective; Hospital records, death statistics, cerebral angiography database, surgery database, GP records; CT scans, necropsy ICD-10 I60, I61.5, I61.9, I62, I62.1, I62.9, I67.1, I69-I69.2, I72.0, I72.9 and corresponding ICD-9 codes before 1994. Pobereskin 2001