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Table 3 Step-wise analysis for the theme: Enabling Factors to Contraceptives Use

From: Persistent high fertility in Uganda: young people recount obstacles and enabling factors to use of contraceptives

Codes Sub-categories Categories
Secret use of contraceptives, fear of male partner opposition and stigma   
Sneak to Health units for contraceptives   
Contraceptives bought private units to cope with stigma   
Know some contraceptive methods and cost New Coping strategies Female strategies to overcome obstacles
Some women convinced of contraceptive benefits   
Some women carry condom in case of emergency   
Use contraception to limit pregnancy in unstable relation   
Self preservation for women with marriage intentions   
Fear pregnancy more than HIV/AIDS   
Fear burden of carrying pregnancy, and costs involved   
Fear of abortion complications   
Men fear jail, forced migration if make a young girls pregnant Risk perception Changing perceptions
Pills back up when condom not used   
STI prevention with secondary contraceptive value   
Condom used when suspicious of girl   
No permission is required for men to use condoms Selective use  
Contraceptive use reduce spending   
Economic status influence number of children   
Belief in small family to sustain good life   
Value of children education, health care expenses   
Fear early family   
Struggle to survive, children are a burden Small family size Changing attitude towards a small
Some men fear responsibility, welfare of children   family size
Many children affects employed men and women   
Young people debates encourage few children   
Choice of long acting method in stable relationship