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Table 2 Elements of the process evaluation and data collection methods

From: The reduction of disability in community-dwelling frail older people: design of a two-arm cluster randomized controlled trial

Component and definition Outcome variables Measurement
Proportion of the intended target population that participated in the intervention
Number of older people that refused, dropped-out or completed the intervention
Reasons for refusal/drop-out (before start and during the intervention)
Dose delivered (completeness)
Amount of delivered intervention
Referrals to other disciplines
Interventions/toolbox parts
Dose received (exposure)
Extent of active engagement in and receptiveness to the intervention by older people
Opinion about older peoples' ability to understand and implement principles of the intervention
Adherence to commitments made by older people
Intention of patients to implement the intervention
Questionnaire/interviews older people
Questionnaire/interviews healthcare professionals
Dose received (satisfaction)
Satisfaction of older people and healthcare professionals with the intervention
Overall opinion of older people
Experienced benefits, burden, usefulness by older people
Overall opinion of healthcare professionals
Questionnaire/interviews older people
Questionnaire/interviews healthcare professionals
The extent to which problems were encountered while applying the intervention
Barriers in applying the intervention Questionnaire/interviews healthcare professionals