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Table 1 Excerpts of project idea menu

From: A participatory parent-focused intervention promoting physical activity in preschools: design of a cluster-randomized trial

Evidence-based Principle Project name Project description
Active transport „Walking bus“ Parents organize group walks to preschool (daily schedule)
  „Bicycle repair shop“ Parents meet on regular basis to repair bicycles and share skills with children or other parents. Location: either preschool or home garage
Lifestyle physical activity „Preschool gardening“ Parents and teachers build a garden on the preschool's premises. Teachers involve children in gardening and growing plants.
  „Dances from all over the world“ Parents offer regular dance activities during the preschool hours.
Promotion of outdoor activities „Campfire“ Parents organize regular weekend campfires together with groups of parents and children.
  „Forest trip“ Parents organize regular trips to the forest together with teachers during the week or on the weekend.
Reducing obesogenic traditions „Birthdays and children's parties“ Parents and teachers organize "healthy birthdays" in preschool - Physical activity games and fruit and yoghurt instead of chocolate and cake