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Table 6 Modification effect of water source on association between acute gastrointestinal illness and intensive farming activities (p for interaction term<0.001) in Quebec rural municipalities (weighted n = 6147), Canada, April 2007-April 2008

From: The association between farming activities, precipitation, and the risk of acute gastrointestinal illness in rural municipalities of Quebec, Canada: a cross-sectional study

Municipality water source OR* 95% CI for OR p
Community ground water 0.78 0.48-1.25 0.295
Community surface water 1.51 0.97-2.36 0.067
Domestic wells 0.49 0.32-0.74 <0.001
Others 1.02 0.30-3.51 0.962
  1. *Odds ratio for high versus low intensive farming activities adjusted for other risk factors.