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Table 2 Telephone Intervention Overview: Call Frequency and Content

From: Living Well with Diabetes: a randomized controlled trial of a telephone-delivered intervention for maintenance of weight loss, physical activity and glycaemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes

Intervention stage & call frequency



Phase 1:

Month 1

4 weekly calls

Building rapport

Program introduction/explanation

Participant overarching program goals

Feedback on baseline assessment

Review & goal-setting:

   Weight loss: benefits, energy balance, realistic targets, portion sizes, recommended serves, reducing fat intake

Behaviour change skills: self-monitoring, goal-setting

Begin use of scale, pedometer and food diary

Phase 2:

(Months 2-6)

11 fortnightly calls

Behaviour change

Weight loss


Review & goal-setting:

   Physical activity: planned activity, incidental activity, sitting time, strength training

   Diet: reducing energy intake (choosing lower energy foods, swapping higher energy foods for lower energy foods, decreasing intake of high energy foods/drinks), eating habits, food labels, modifying recipes

Behaviour change skills: rewards, behavioural cues, barriers and supports

Progress review at 3 months

Phase 3:

(Months 7-18)

12 monthly calls

Maintenance of behaviour change & weight loss

Feedback on 6-, 12- & 18-month assessments

Progress review at 9 & 15 months

Review & goal-setting:

   Role of physical activity in maintaining weight loss


   Social-environmental support

   Developing lifelong habits