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Table 1 Summary of Questions for Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices towards Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards pandemic influenza among cases, close contacts, and healthcare workers in tropical Singapore: a cross-sectional survey

Basic Knowledge
What is pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)?
Where did pandemic Influenza come from?
How does pandemic Influenza spread?
What are the symptoms of pandemic Influenza?
Mask Knowledge
N-95 masks are effective in reducing the spread of pandemic Influenza.
Surgical/Paper masks are effective in reducing the spread of pandemic Influenza.
Vaccination Knowledge
Influenza vaccination is an effective measure against influenza.
Tamiflu Knowledge
Tamiflu is effective for treatment of pandemic Influenza A (H1N1).
Tamiflu is effective for prophylaxis (prevention) against pandemic Influenza A (H1N1).
Avoidance Behaviour Knowledge (The following will decrease my chance of catching pandemic influenza)
Avoiding overseas travel to affected areas
Avoiding people with flu symptoms
Avoiding going outdoors
Avoiding crowded places
Avoiding public transport
Avoiding large social gatherings
Personal Habits Knowledge (The following will reduce the spread of influenza)
Washing my hands regularly with soap and water
Covering my mouth when I cough/sneeze
Daily temperature taking and symptoms monitoring
Staying away from others when I am ill
Mask Attitudes
I think it is good to wear masks at home.
I think it is good to wear masks in public places.
Vaccination Attitudes
I will be vaccinated against pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) if available.
Do you feel that the influenza vaccine has any side effects?
Tamiflu Attitudes
I would complete a course of Tamiflu if prescribed.
Do you feel that Tamiflu has any side effects?
Medical Attention Seeking Attitudes
I would visit a doctor if I am ill.
I would avoid hospital/GP clinic/medical centre to decreases my risk of catching pandemic influenza.
Risk Perception Attitudes
It is likely that I will catch the pandemic virus.
How long do you think the pandemic influenza infection will last?
Are you worried or distressed about the pandemic?
Practice (over past 2 months)
Mask Practice
How often have you worn masks at home?
How often have you worn masks in public areas?
Vaccination Practice
Have you had your seasonal influenza vaccination?
Avoidance Behaviour Practice
Have you avoided travelling to affected countries?
Have you avoided people with flu symptoms?
Have you avoided going outdoors?
Have you avoided crowded places?
Have you avoided public transport?
Have you avoided social gatherings?
Personal Habits Practice
Do you wash your hands regularly with soap and water ?
Do you cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze ?
Do you take your temperature and monitor for respiratory symptoms daily?
Medical Attention Seeking Practice
Have you avoided going to hospital/GP clinic/medical centre?
Did you seek medical consult if you had any flu-like symptoms?