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Table 3 Numbers of participants' individual interviews and focus group discussions at each of the five sites

From: Tanzanian farmers' knowledge and attitudes to GM biotechnology and the potential use of GM crops to provide improved levels of food security. A Qualitative Study

Site Numbers of individual interviews (male/female) Numbers of participants in each focus group discussion (male/female Agricultural Extension officer interviewed (sex)
A 4 (2/2) 7 (5/2) AEO for Rufiji (male)
B 4 (2/2) 7 (3/4) AEO for Rufiji (male)
C 4 (2/2) 7 (6/1) AEO for Bagamoyo (male)
D 4 (2/2) 7 (3/4) AEO for Bagamoyo (male)
E 3 (2/1) 7 (5/2) AEO for Zanzibar (male)