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Table 2 Biochemical analysis

From: The effect of gold kiwifruit consumed with an iron fortified breakfast cereal meal on iron status in women with low iron stores: A 16 week randomised controlled intervention study


Place of analysis


Blood analysis


Serum ferritin

Diagnostic Medlab, Auckland

Immunoturbidimetric test (Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis) (Cat. No. 11661400)

Serum C-Reactive Protein

Diagnostic Medlab, Auckland

Particle enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay (Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis) (Cat. No. 03002039)


Diagnostic Medlab, Auckland

SLS-Hb (sodium lauryl sulphate-Hb) method using automated haematology analyser XE-2100 (Sysmex Corporation, Auckland, NZ)

Soluble transferrin receptor

LabPlus, Auckland

Latex bound anti-sTfR antibodies react with antigen in sample to form antigen/antibody complex. Following agglutination measured turbidimetrically at 570 nm

Ascorbic acid

LabPlus, Auckland

Fe3+ ions added to ascorbate which is oxidised to dehydroascorbate. Fe2+ ions produced are measured by complexing them with ferrozine, the absorbance of the coloured complex is read at 560 nm. FeCl3 is added and incubation continued for 5 minutes. Concentration of ascorbate in specimen after suitable blank correction is proportional to change in absorbance over 5 minute period.

Carotenoids (Retinol, Alpha- & Gamma-Tocopherol; Lutein/Zeaxanthin, Lycopene, Alpha- & Beta-Carotene, Beta-Cryptoxanthin

Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne

HPLC method C18 column with absorbance detection at 292 nm for the tocopherols, 325 nm for retinol and 450 nm for carotenoids.