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Table 3 Specific attitudes to donation elicited in Barbados survey (N = 327)

From: Ethnicity and attitudes to deceased kidney donation: a survey in Barbados and comparison with Black Caribbean people in the United Kingdom

  Percentage responses Percentage responses
Statement Agree Disagree Not sure Opposing donation
Is important to me that I could give someone else a chance of life after my death. 95 4 1 4
Donating your organs when you die is a good thing to do. 89 7 5 7
I wouldn't mind who received my kidney after my death. 88 12 1 12
Do not have a problem with my body being cut up after my death. 85 11 3 11
Am not confident that medical teams would try as hard to save the life of a person who has agreed to donate organs. 43 43 14 43
I worry that if I donate my organs for transplant they might be used without my consent for other purposes like medical research. 29 65 6 29
Am concerned that an intact body with no parts removed is needed for the life hereafter. 7 89 4 7
Organ donation is unacceptable because of my religious beliefs. 12 86 2 12
Feel that agreeing when alive to donating kidneys as a gift after death is like tempting death. 9 89 3 9