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Table 2 Description of outcomes

From: The nutrition-based comprehensive intervention study on childhood obesity in China (NISCOC): a randomised cluster controlled trial

Name of Outcome Category of Outcome Description
Physical examination Primary outcome Height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure
Body Composition Primary outcome Bioelectrical impedance, single-standard Water Law
Blood biochemical indices Primary outcome Blood glucose, blood cholesterol, blood triglycerides, blood high-density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein in blood, blood insulin
Dietary intake situations Primary outcome 24-hour record of 3 days dietary questionnaire
Physical activities Primary outcome Seven days of physical activity recall questionnaire, wearing the energy monitoring device, a 24-hour physical activity record sheet
Physical measurements Primary outcome Standing long jump, 50 m, 50 m × 8 from the run
School basic conditions Secondary outcome Number of students, the class distribution of the floor, the school's facilities and equipment, sports arrangements, nutrition-related staffing, students in the school dining situation
Obesity-related knowledge, attitudes and practices Primary outcome Primary school students questionnaire, parents questionnaire, teacher questionnaire, food service personnel questionnaire
Cost Primary outcome Cost related to intervention material, training, supervisor, teachers time input, transportation,