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Table 2 The informants' highest education and qualifications, previous working positions, and work situation at the time of the sick leave

From: Understanding long-term sick leave in female white-collar workers with burnout and stress-related diagnoses: a qualitative study

Highest education/qualifications Previous work Work situation at the time of the sick leave
University Bachelor of Science Marketing, marketing manager, managerial responsibility Became unemployed during sickness absence Regained employment following legal action, but not interested in returning to this work position
Upper secondary school, supplemented with individual courses Purchasing assistant, purchasing manager, managerial responsibility Purchasing manager, but given redundancy notice
University Lawyer Business area manager Bank lawyer, financial advisor Business area manager at training firm Managerial role shared with male co-worker
University Computer scientist IT consultant Computer scientist with responsibility for 3-4 people Company recently sold to a US-based firm
University Human resources specialist HR administrator, managerial responsibility Personnel manager for part of a US management company
University Behavioural scientist Consultant Employed at an engineering company
9-year compulsory education, supplemented with individual upper secondary courses Business economics Group manager for 35 people, later four people, and then project manager
Technical upper secondary school, supplemented with courses in marketing and market economy education Sales, sales manager Marketing manager at an office equipment company
University Humanities Designer Designer/specialist
Technical university Civil engineer Research, computer specialist Development of information systems and computer software
Upper secondary school IHM Information, marketing Manager at information department
University Media programme Media sector Editor-in-chef
University Bachelor of Science Secretary, controller Financial manager
University No degree but courses in marketing and economics Marketing assistant, advertising manager, marketing manager Marketing manager at a major international company
Technical upper secondary school Engineer, short courses, IHM Engineering sector, managerial role Managerial responsibility for about 30 people in an engineering team
University Lawyer Healthcare, economics, computers, consultancy manager Regional manager at a training company with personnel responsibility for 60 people