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Table 2 The results of comparison of proportion of male smoker in different clinic stage and pathology with the chi-square test

From: Epidemiology and cost analysis for patients with oral cancer in a university hospital in China

  Smoking status p
  No Yes  
  Sample Percent% Sample Percent% χ2 test
stage      0.019
I,II 79 60.31 52 39.69  
III,IV 69 46.31 80 53.69  
Pathology      0.001
SCC 67 41.86 93 58.14  
Adenocarcinoma 44 65.67 23 34.33  
  1. Note: Female patient were not calculated because there were only 4 female smokers in the sample. For the same reason, only male patient with SCC or adenocarcinoma were compared in the table.