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Table 5 Predicted consequences of a global pandemic.

From: Behavioural intentions in response to an influenza pandemic

If a new worldwide influenza pandemic were to occur... Totally agree Mostly agree Don't agree or disagree Totally disagree Mostly disagree
I will move somewhere were there is no flu. o o o o o
I will stock up and stay indoors o o o o o
It will not be as bad as predicted o o o o o
The threat will be exaggerated by the goverment and the media o o o o o
We will all be completely powerless o o o o o
There is nothing we can do about it o o o o o
I will just have to accept it o o o o o
Medication will quickly become available o o o o o
It will not happen to me o o o o o
I will be at an utter loss o o o o o