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Table 1 Interview guide

From: The quality of life of patients with genital warts: a qualitative study

Interview stage Aim Question
Opening Presentation of participants What is your first name, age and how long have you been suffering from GWs?
Introductory question The participants' reaction to the diagnosis of GWs 1. How did you react when you heard that you had GWs?
Transitional question Perception of illness 2. What are your views on this disease (in comparison to other STDs, for instance)?
Cues: Cause, consequences, treatment options, time to cure and knowledge about HPV
Key questions The effect of GWs on their quality of life 3. How has your lives been affected by having GWs?
a. Physical effects
b. The course of treatment
      Cues: Pain, embarrassment, worries about treatment effectiveness and duration of treatment, information and knowledge, doctor-patient communication, practical aspects
   c. Effects on work and studies
      Cues: Concerns about stigma, effect on ability to work or study, sick leave, contagion, social avoidance
   d. Social relations
      Cues: Concerns about stigma, contagion, avoidance, social isolation
   e. Love life
      Cues: worries about present or future partners, infidelity, contagion, conflicts about infidelity or disrupted sex life, fear of rejection and condemnation/disapproval
   f. Sex life
      Cues: Desire/lust, initiative, pleasure, spontaneity, avoidance, low self-esteem, negative body-perception, fear of rejection, lack of sexual ability
   g. Psychological effects
      Cues: Guilt, shame, anger, worries about the future, depression, fear, negative self-perception, identity, disease phobia
   4. Has your quality of life changed since you were first diagnosed with GWs, and if yes, how?
Closing questions   5. In conclusion, I would like each of you to tell me which of the areas that we have discussed has been most affected by having GWs?
6. Is there anything you think we ought to have discussed but did not?
  1. GWs, genital warts