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Natalie Pafitis, Editor

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New Content ItemNatalie joined BMC after having completed an MSc in Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute, in Association with the Harvard School of Public Health, USA where she completed courses including global climate change, environmental epidemiology, sustainable development and exposure assessment.  Prior to this, she gained her BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Indianapolis, USA. Natalie is a Senior Editor for the BMC-series and has been Editor of BMC Public Health since 2007. She has a keen interest in the use of research evidence to underpin public health policy and to advance the Sustainable Development Agenda. She is an Editor of the BMC Series blog where policy implications of BMC Public Health articles are also discussed.

Ana Donnelly - Editor

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New Content ItemAna joined the BMC Series as a Manuscript Editor in 2018 and has been an Editor of BMC Public Health since 2021. Prior to joining BMC Series, Ana was a post-doctoral researcher with the School of Public Health at University College Cork and the National Suicide Research Foundation developing a program to improve mental health services in Ireland. Ana completed her Masters and PhD in Pharmacology with emphasis in Neuroscience at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) exploring animal models of anxiety and depression. As a scientist from a developing country, Ana has also developed a special interest in social determinants of health and evidence based medicine.

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