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Table 2 Original research and sample interview questions

From: The pandemic made us stop and think about who we are and what we want:” Using intersectionality to understand migrant and refugee women’s experiences of gender-based violence during COVID-19

Original Research Questions
• What has been the impact of measures to contain COVID-19 on the safety and well-being of migrant and refugee women within and beyond the household?
• To what extent were/are migrant women aware of GBV-related services during COVID-19 measures? Did this knowledge vary throughout the pandemic? What primary channels were available and used by migrant and refugee women to access reliable and understandable information on available GBV support services during COVID-19 outbreak?
• How were GBV-related services impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak in terms of availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality across the three regions? How were GBV services adapted to effectively respond to the needs of migrant and refugee women during the pandemic and prepare for similar future crises?
Sample FGD Questions
• What was it like for you and other women in the community to be stuck inside during the lockdown?
• We have heard that sometimes in this community, women may experience violence either inside or outside the home. When I say violence, I am talking about things like a woman being hit, slapped or punched, being yelled at aggressively or in a purposefully hurtful way, or being forced to do something sexually against her will. Have you ever heard of this violence happening to women inside or outside the home (or reception center) in this community?
• How did this violence change during the lockdown and over the course of the pandemic?
• Who do women talk to when they experience violence? How did this differ during the lockdown and over the course of the pandemic?
• What do you think would help ensure that women who need such services are able to access them? What would help ensure women can access these services, during the lockdown specifically?
Sample KII Questions
• What is daily life like for migrant and refugee women in your community during COVID right now?
• Suppose I was a young refugee/migrant woman who arrived in the area where you live who needed gender-based violence services such as hotline support, counseling, access to a safe space or medical care today, what should I know?
• What safety strategies are migrant and refugee women in your community utilizing to prevent or mitigate experiences of GBV experienced in Italy or the reception site?
• Can you provide some examples of how COVID-19 impacted the availability and accessibility of your services?
• Since these public health measures employed in Italy to control the community spread of COVID-19, have you noticed any change in the needs of migrant and refugee women and girls who access your services?