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Table 2 Example of a scheme to organise initial codes into themes

From: Is time-restricted eating a robust eating regimen during periods of disruptions in daily life? A qualitative study of perspectives of people with overweight during COVID-19

Themes Codes Quotes
Increased level of food consumption Eaten more
Comfort eating
Baking more white bread and cake
’We have been eaten more. I have been baking more. Just like everybody else, we have enjoyed ourselves more with sweets. When we have not been able to do anything, at least we have been able to bake some bread or a cake.’ (Woman, 64 years)
Decreased levels of exercising Not working out
Unable to convert prior exercising routines
Spoiled exercise routines due to closed gyms
’I have not been working out. The lockdown was such a bad timing as I had just developed a nice routine by going to the gym. And I was so close to signing up to spinning classes, but then Denmark was in lockdown. It was so frustrating. When I have decided to exercise in the gym, I am totally fixed on that idea. So, I have not gone for bike rides outside. I have not been exercising at all.’ (Man, 53 years)