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Table 1 Overall interview questions

From: Is time-restricted eating a robust eating regimen during periods of disruptions in daily life? A qualitative study of perspectives of people with overweight during COVID-19

1. Can you tell me about how you felt to be enrolled in the RESET study during the COVID-19 lockdown?
2. How have you felt about restricting eating and drinking to the same ten-hour window during the COVID-19 lockdown?
- When did you place the ten-hour window during the day?
- How has it been to eat and drink within the same ten-hour window each day?
- Have you been able to maintain it?
- When has it been easy? / When has it been challenging?
3. Has the COVID-19 lockdown affected your daily life? If so - how in terms of:
- daily life structure?
- Work life?
- Eating practices?
- Exercise practices?
- Social life?
- Other aspects?
4. What is your perception of time-restricted eating now that you have tried it?
5. Do you have any other comments?