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Table 3 Participant suggestions for better communication of COVID-19 messages to people of refugee backgrounds

From: Factors contributing to the sharing of COVID-19 health information amongst refugee communities in a regional area of Australia: a qualitative study

• Use language/dialects preferred by communities
• Use simple and clear messages
• Provide regular updates
• Present message visually, or by audio-link
• Identify message as being from an official source
• Harness social media
• Use locations familiar to refugee communities to deliver face-to-face education (e.g., places of worship, non-government organisation hubs)
• Deliver messages through trusted and familiar people
• Be mindful of issues such as self-confidence and stress/trauma
• Collaborate with influential members and service providers
• Recognise diversity and avoid generalisation
• Nurture community relationships with mutual respect
• Enable mutual learning and community empowerment by continuing grass-roots research