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Table 2 Themes and subthemes identified by thematic analysis of qualitative study

From: Factors contributing to the sharing of COVID-19 health information amongst refugee communities in a regional area of Australia: a qualitative study

  Theme and subtheme
1 Experience as a refugee uniquely influences COVID-19 message communication
• Educational background and English language proficiency
• Mental health
• Trust
• Connectivity and social cohesion
• Heterogeneity of culture, language and religion
2 Refugee groups use diverse practices when accessing and sharing COVID-19 messages
• preferred sources of COVID-19 messages
• ways of message sharing
3 Official government messages could be improved by listening and tailoring to community needs
• Improved message content, delivery and format
• greater cooperation and collaboration between communities and services
• enhanced role of trusted service providers
• research as a medium for mutual learning and community empowerment
• supporting the messengers.