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Table 1 Different practices for community case management of malaria before and after the implementation of grid-based strategy in Tengchong County, China–Myanmar border region

From: Application of an innovative grid-based surveillance strategy to ensure elimination and prevent reintroduction of malaria in high-risk border communities in China

Activities Before grid-based strategy After grid-based strategy
Health education and promotion for local residents Conducted by township hospital Conducted by the grid members including village doctors, village administrators, village committee leaders and security workers of village/community
Distribution of malaria preventive package for MMPs before they depart Conducted by township hospital Conducted by the village doctors of the grid area
Registration of MMPs before leaving and after returning Not conducted Family report to the grid’s workers who will make registration
Malaria symptom surveillance among local residents and MMPs Not conducted After family report, village doctors will measure temperature and then report the case through computer
Medical treatment seeking of residents or MMPs with fever Patients sought for treatment individually  Village doctors register and report, test the patients using malaria RDTs in key and remote area, then guide patient to hospital
Malaria diagnosis Conducted by the township hospitals or county hospitals Conducted using RDTs which are provided in some key or remote grid areas. Patients will be guided to township or county hospitals for further diagnosis
Malaria treatment Treatments were given by the county CDCs with following-up through telephone Conducted by the township hospitals with follow up by village doctors or other grid members
Training on malaria control Township-level trainings were provided by the county level, with few trainings at the village level Township-level trainings were provided by county level; village-level trainings at were provided by the township level
  1. Note: MMPs mobile and migrant populations, CDCs centers for disease control and prevention, RDTs rapid diagnostic tests